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Veliky Novgorod, ul. Great, 16
Reservation service:

+7 (8162) 73-88-45 - working days
+7 (8162) 77-50-89 - day and night
отель Интурист Великий Новгород отель Интурист Великий Новгород
Cosy, sun-lighted roomsof our hotel
ресторан Интурист, шведский стол ресторан Интурист, шведский стол
The restaurant takes pride in
the dishes of old Russian cuisine

Intourist - Novgorod Ltd. is a well-known incoming tour operator working in the field of international and domestic tourism. The company runs the Intourist hotel and offers a wide range of tourist services for foreign and Russian tourists. It also provides corporate clients with facilities for business meetings and leisure.

During the years of its successful work the company has gained a lot of regular clients and partners in different countries, as well as the reputation of being RELIABLE, offering HIGH QUALITY SERVICE and showing RESPECT to our guests.

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Новгородское Вече Княжья братчина

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